Nepal 'Make a Difference'

14th May 2015
Sithney School Family are reflecting ono how fortunate we are whilst fundraising for the tragic victims of Nepal. One of our pupils has a close affinity with Nepal; he has visited with his family and his mother lived and worked out there some time ago. In a desperate effort to ‘make a difference’ he asked if we could fundraise. He then went on to create a PowerPoint of the Country and outline what has happened recently to this beautiful country.
The afternoon was spent making Nepalese drinks which were sold, whilst artefacts and resources were shared. Both parents came along to share their knowledge and spoke as a family about their experiences of the culture and the people of Nepal.
Everyone in our school family made Prayer Flags, something found in the mountains of Nepal. These were filled with hopes, dreams and thanks for our lives and our safety. Children spoke about the need to be generous and, rather than feeling sad, they were left feeling uplifted and positive that they recognised how lucky they are and joy of giving.
Q: It today about fun excitement or is it a day to reflect?
A: It’s not about having fun as something sad has happened but it is exciing because we are making a difference.
Q: Is exciting the right word?
A: Yes! I’m excited on the inside. That’s when you feel good about what you are doing for others.
Please go to the link to see the amazing work Shelterbox are doing to help the people of Nepal. All funds raised will be forwarded to them. Watch this space to see how much we raise!
The school is sponsoring the Zulu Warrior, crewed by Lucy Campbell (an ex pupil) and her dad, in the international AZAB boat race on 6th June.